Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well, I am very nearly done. Had my English Literary Tradition final paper due Monday, did my Modern American Writing final paper for Tuesday, History of Rock take home final for Wednesday, took my Modern American Writing final last evening, and took my English Lit final this evening. Now I just have my American Studies final to take tomorrow morning.

*Huffs and puffs*

Yeah, it's been a Week. Caffeine is not a suitable substitute for sleep, and my right arm is in terrible cramping pain because of the ridiculous amount of time I have spent typing and writing this week. But, yeah. Finals week. Finals week just always sucks; it's the rule. After finishing the final tomorrow I just want to crawl into a nice warm dark hole somewhere, sleep for a week, and never analyze anything ever again.

We'll see how that works out.

I'm really looking forward to going home, although I'll miss Smith and Northampton. Home is just so incredibly goddamned boring, and I can't drive which makes it even worse, and I'll be seeing so many doctors over the course of the summer...which is, of course, completely necessary, but that doesn't make it any more pleasant. I have no doubt that I'll be hospitalized while they do freaky shit to my brain at some point this summer.

Stay tuned for THAT. (Especially you, Jenny! The things I put myself through to help your RESEARCH! ;) )

And I'll miss my friends, obviously - especially Lisa, especially given that she's going to Prague next semester. Ugh. And Hannah won't be here, and Leah might not be here either...not that there won't still be awesome friends kicking around, just that there are people I'll really miss next fall.

But I'll be home very soon. Packing up with my mommy tomorrow, leaving on Saturday. There will be lots of resting, and lots of reading, and a part-time Colgate job. Not exciting, but what I need.


  1. Wow, sometimes I miss college... thanks for reminding me why boring old day-in day-out real life isn't so bad after all. :-) In my case it was massive computer programs that wouldn't compile five hours before they were due. But I will envy you a week from now. I don't suppose your part-time job involves sitting bored at a computer around 2:30 PM ET? :hopeful bunny:

    My characters thank you for your research! *salutes* Or not, since I doubt they will enjoy what awaits. Leeches: the 11th Century's answer to electrodes on the scalp.

  2. WHY YES I BELIEVE IT WILL. :anticipatory bunny:

    Ack, leeches! D: They ARE useful for wound cleaning, but not so much for...well, all the medical problems for which they were used in the medieval times. YOU CLEARLY HAVE TOO MUCH BLOOD, LET US TAKE SOME OFF YOUR HANDS!

  3. I will totally interview you this summer. :investigative bunny:

    I was just reading about epilepsy and Connie does seem like she might have something like... *looks up*... simple partial seizures. Where she just totally spaces out for a few minutes, and has these vivid episodes of imagination which border on hallucination, with actual sensory details. Or even the way she sometimes feels totally detached from the people around her and the environment she is in, just before or after one of these episodes, like the time she was sitting in the corner when she failed to kiss Cearball or the time she was standing next to Eadred at the party. Curiouser and curiouser. You would think I had meant to do that.