Thursday, November 26, 2009

Weird animals!

I'm in the mood for something extremely random. It's Thanksgiving and I'm home and happy and glad to be with my cats and my mom and so forth. So I'm going to post some pictures of strange animals. Because that's how I roll.

The narwhal!

The wombat!

The Tasmanian Devil! This is one of my favorite animals, ever. I think it is all kinds of awesome.

The platypus! The weirdest thing I ever done seen!

The numbat! Anyone want to get me one of these for Christmas?

The Tasmanian Tiger! It's extinct, but it's still awesome.

The echidna! (Boy, Australian animals certainly are weird.)

The komodo dragon!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. May your dreams be graced with bizarre animals. Hope for my good health and I will hope for yours, as well.

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  1. Australian animals are a bit odd but they are really good fun to watch.